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Welcome to the Official website of GEM comics, the home to the greatest comics in the universe! If you like funny comics, or action comics, or even gadget magazines, this is the place to be.

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What's Happening
  1. Latest comic is up for grabs.
  2. Orangaman is Developing.
  3. Guides 2 Gadgets magazine is developing.
  4. We are planning new ideas for FACT magazine
  5. We are Plotting new ideas everyday
Latest Comic Info
We have ideas for a few comics/magazines: Orangaman, FACT magazine and Guides 2 Gadgets Magazine; But we need MORE! So go ahead and press the 'contact us' button and send us an email. Please make sensible ideas, not ones that are insulting or rude.

a little about the designers
GEM comics is built up of three talented people, Harry Greeney, Marco Esposito and Daniel Maloney. The name 'GEM comics' Came from when we had tried lots of ideas, and none fitted. One of us suggested that we try our initials; but H, M and D does not stand out; so we came up with a smashing idea to use the initial of our last names.