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Craystone: Ensuring the Security of your Data

- since 1992 -

Data Storage, Backup and Archive Specialists

For all aspects of hardware, software, media and maintenance

An Overview Of Our Services

Craystone specialise in the supply, maintenance and repair of Data Storage,  Backup and Archive solutions.  We have been involved within the storage industry since 1992 and have developed extensive product knowledge and have agreements with major storage manufacturers throughout UK and Europe.


We offer a wide spectrum of products, from the very latest tape drive technologies like LTO8, HDD based cartridges such as RDX, to discontinued older technologies, DLT and SDLT, and everything that sits in between.


We also offer comprehensive workshop facilities, including service and refurbishment on a wide range of tape drives, autoloaders and library tape drives.

Additionally, we provide a vast range of other IT hardware from all of the leading manufacturers: such as Switches, POS Scanners & Printers, UPS and general Networking appliances.


Our other workshop services include certified Data Destruction and Tape Restoration & Recovery

Unconnected to our  work in the IT world, we have an online shop and facilities for the sale and service of the Italian brand of Espresso Coffee Machines, FrancisFrancis!


So if your requirement is for new, old, repairs or other services - we've got it covered!



We are proud to offer hardware solutions from brands such as Tandberg Data, Overland, Quantum, HP and many others.


From small, standalone devices to full data storage and protection solutions, we always work to offer the most appropriate and best value to fit your unique needs.



We represent a select number of software solutions that are proven to be the Gold Standard when it comes to protecting the investment in your data.

Additionally, we provide all types of Data Media - from the latest LTO and RDX, back to legacy formats such as DLT and SDLT.



As a provider of both OnSite Maintenance and Workshop based Repairs, we can both get your faulty kit up and running again and respond quickly if anything goes wrong in future.  We can also offer Extended Warranties on your existing equipment (and software).

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Craystone Investments Limited

7 The Old Bakery, Westhoughton, Bolton. BL5 3GL

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