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Founded in 1980 Overland-Tandberg provides “best in class” data storage and archive solutions that are reliable and mindfully built for the SoHo, SMB, SME and Enterprise markets. Celebrating our 39th year of operations, in over 90 countries, our brands have created a rich and trusted heritage, built on game changing patented technologies that are enhanced through our people and partners. We combine a delicate blend of science and art in our solutions to ensure we align our aspirational goals of inclusiveness yet taking a humanistic approach to our core beliefs. Empowering our people is essential to unlocking the virtues of progressiveness and keep us in front of the competitive landscape ready for the next 40 years and beyond.

Overland-Tandberg specializes in backup and archiving solutions. By using LTO and RDX technology, as well as disk-based network-attached solutions, Overland-Tandberg creates solutions that have broken new ground in affordability and features.  

Tape Drives
Overland-Tandberg's tape drives, based on LTO technology, help businesses safely and securely protect their data.

Tape Automation
Reliable, scalable data protection systems ranging from autoloaders to midrange automation for small to medium businesses.

Removable Disk
The RDX® QuikStor™ removable disk storage system offers rugged, reliable and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange and disaster recovery.

The RDX® QuikStation™ is a multi-drive, network-attached removable disk appliance based on industry-standard RDX technology, which combines the removability, durability and economy of tape with the random accessibility and performance of disk. The RDX QuikStation is available as QuikStation 4 and QuikStation 8 appliances.

Protect your data with Overland-Tandberg's complete range of media, including RDX and LTO, known for their industry leading quality and reliability.

With space becoming an increasingly critical issue in IT environments, Overland-Tandberg offers rack-mount enclosures, providing the perfect solution for rack-mounted backup to tape or removable disk.

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