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Data theft is a growing concern.  Criminals are finding more sophisticated ways of retrieving sensitive data, mainly through tampering with disposed PCs.  Even deleting data regularly or reformatting your hard disk drive is not sufficient.  Your information is still retrievable and provides an easy way for criminals to steal your data.


Hard disk drive data destruction - Software thoroughly sanitises to the following standards: DOD 5200.28, NCSC-TG-025, AFSSI 5020, OPNAV 5510 and AR-38019.  This procedure is DES/DOD endorsed. Disk smashing is not sufficient to render your drive un-readable.


Tape media data destruction - Tape degaussing (demagnetising) service to permanently remove data from any tape media.  Most tape media is re-usable after data destruction (apart from LTO media)


We offer a complete data destruction service package, from secure pickup carried out by an employee, install/de-Install service for drives in RAID disk array systems, full certification of data destruction and green Recycling methods for unwanted drives and tapes.


Using our Data Destruction Service, will ensure your valuable data never falls in the wrong hands again.

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