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Quantum focus on creating innovative technology and solutions to help our customers get the most value from their data. With more than 35 years of storage know-how, Quantum’s technology, solutions, and services help customers capture, create, and share digital content – and preserve and protect it for decades. Whether it’s unlocking the potential of digital content, powering breakthrough innovations, creating entertainment that enriches lives, or keeping nations secure, Quantum works with customers and partners to make the world a happier, safer, and smarter place.

Tape has been used for decades to preserve and protect data, and today more than ever tape is the best choice for long-term storage. Not only that, but tape has emerged as a key part of cloud and hyperscale infrastructures. The biggest data centers on the planet are using tape, and using it extensively.

Our customers are dealing with a challenge of storing petabytes, and exabytes of unstructured data – video, hi-res images, IoT data, research data, really valuable stuff – and they need to keep it for decades.

Further, in the Enterprise, CIOs and IT departments are concerned with the threat of ransomware. Because tape storage is an ‘offline’ storage technology, it provides effective protection against ransomware and malware.

Quantum’s Scalar® series of tape storage systems is used by tens of thousands of customers around the world, to provide long-term storage for compliance purposes, and for digital media and image archiving.

Our tape systems can be as small as a few tapes, scale within a rack, or can start at a full rack and grow to be larger than a semi-truck. Quantum Scalar tape systems provide the best storage density in the market, at the lowest $ per TB.

We get that tape is not easy to manage. That’s why Quantum can manage your tape environment as part of our managed cloud services – so you can realize the economic benefit of tape without the management headaches.

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