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We offer a vast range of tape media and cleaning cartridges, from the latest LTO Ultrium and RDX technology back to legacy tapes such as DLT and SLR

If you are looking for LTO, RDX, SDLT, SDLT, or even DLT media - then we've got availability from a wide range of manufacturers.

Some clients like to keep the brand they are familiar with, HP, Imation or IBM for instance, but there is very little difference between the manufacturers, and you can quite easily go from HP to Fuji or Maxell.

We usually find that Fuji are the most aggressively priced option for tape, so this is our "go to" brand: however, we monitor media price fluctuations and offer the best price regardless of manufacturer on the day of your enquiry.

Alongside the simple supply of media, we can create and apply LTO tape lablels (barcodes) for use in automation based LTO systems.  Another great service is Initialisation of LTO7M8 cartridges (allowing you to gain extra capacity on an LTO7 cartridge when used in an LTO8 drive: of course, these are much lower cost than LTO media for clients not needing the full capacity)

In terms of RDX, we exclusively supply Tandberg Data branded cartridges.

We also offer Data Destruction and Tape Restoration & Recovery services.

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