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We offer a vast range of brand new tape based hardware from the likes of Tandberg, Overland and Quantum plus a variety of options for hard drive based shared storage.

The tape based options encompass both standalone and automation based LTO and RDX 

Whatever your requirement, please get in touch to discuss the most appropriate option for you.


Overland-Tandberg specialises in backup and archiving solutions. By using LTO and RDX technology, as well as disk-based network-attached solutions, Overland-Tandberg creates solutions that have broken new ground in affordability and features


Quantum focus on creating innovative technology and solutions to help our customers get the most value from their data. With more than 35 years of storage know-how, Quantum’s technology, solutions, and services help customers capture, create, and share digital content – and preserve and protect it for decades.


Shared Storage is a catch all term covering Hard Disk based storage designed for multi-user access.  This may be used for everyday "file sharing" or as a repository for daily backups (before they are shunted off to either tape or cloud).  This type of storage is commonly referred to as NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Networks)

We have many options and brands, but do have a keen focus on INFORTREND, SYNOLOGY and QNAP.

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