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Accessing data created on legacy tape platforms represents a challenge for organisations where that infrastructure no longer exists.


Maintaining such an infrastructure to facilitate infrequent, unpredictable restore requests   often represents a business cost disproportionate to the business benefits.


Media Resources Tape Services portfolio includes the restoration, recovery and conversion of tape based data and our solutions have been developed over time to address many and varied business requirements.

  • Legal Disclosure requests

  • Audit / Compliance / Information Management requirements

  • DR purposes

  • Backup Platform consolidation

  • User request


Our core competency, using in-house proprietary software tools developed since 1982, is the ability to perform non-native restoration from any physical and logical tape format i.e. we do not need to recreate the original environment that backed the data up.

Our overall aim is to deliver the required data back to the business in the fastest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

Our tape processing services are designed to be flexible and scalable and to deliver service levels that meet each of our various customer requirements.

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