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Upgrading your backup solution may be inevitable if your data capacities have grown, but if you do need to replace an existing faulty unit or need to add another drive to your system, autoloader or library, REPLACE WITH A REFURBISHED UNIT and KEEP YOUR BUSINESS COSTS DOWN minimising your company's overheads.


Our drives are fully refurbished and tested to high standards. We double-test the drives to virtually negate the chance of DOA units.  Our drives have peace of mind 6 months warranty, and our extensive stock enables a next day service to reduce your system down time.


Replacing can save your business a considerable amount of time (no requirement to train how to use a new system) and money (considerable savings against new drives and technologies).


If your system utilises a certain drive or technology and that product is discontinued or end of life, we can source the drive and keep your systems running.  Hard to source product is our speciality.


Whether your requirement is a stand alone drive, internal or external, autoloader or small/medium/large tape library system we have the stock and a vast network of contacts throughout the UK, Europe and the US to provide a solution.

Autoloaders and tape library parts and systems can be problematic to source.  We offer entire replacement library systems AND we offer replacement parts for most 'slot-in slot-out' library systems.


The majority of  modern library systems have a LCD display detailing any errors or faults with the system.  These systems facilitate a 'slot-in slot-out' service facility.  No need to spend big money arranging for an engineer to visit you on site, simply order the replacement part (say a power supply) and install it yourself -simple and cost effective.


Replacement library parts, a tape drive, magazine, barcode reader, picker or power supply are readily available on most of the popular models, other models can be sourced via our extensive network.


Popular Library Systems include: HP MSL series L20 L40 L60 - DELL Power Vault PV series PV120 PV122 PV130 PV136 PV160 - Quantum/ATL P series M series Scalar and PX


ADIC, Exabyte and SUN library parts and systems are also available.

As you may imagine, the depth and breadth of our refurbished stock is vast: amongst the brands and technologies we offer are:


plus Automation Products (Tape Autoloaders and Libraries).

Various brands of DLT, SDLT, SLR, etc.

If you happen to have crucial data on legacy (or even current) media, a refurbished drive is a great way to gain access to it, allowing you to port it over onto your current preferred system (or we can do it for you with our full Tape Restoration and Recovery Service).

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