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YoYotta Creative Workflow Software is a great choice for media professionals running in a MAC OS environment.  There are four elements that complete the YoYotta suite.

Get Archiving with YoYotta LTFS

Create cross platform LTFS archives using LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6 or LTO-5 tapes

YoYotta LTFS controls one or two standalone LTO tape drives

YoYotta Automation

Do you have lots of LTO tapes? Do you need to create large archives and restore media efficiently?
Put the tapes into an HPE, IBM, MagStor, Oracle SAS, Overland, Qualstar, Quantum, Spectra, StorageTek or Tandberg Library and let YoYotta Automation take control
YoYotta Automation can control one library and up to 4 LTO drives, these can be any mix of library or standalone

YoYotta Transcode

High quality transcoding creating DPX, ProRes, H.264, H.265 or MXF+AFF copies of material
With CDL, 3D LUT, REC709 processing and image resizing

YoYotta Conform

Restore clips from archive using project AAF, ALE, CSV, EDL or FCPXML files
Copy or Trim selected material to match conform, ready for colour grading or VFX

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